Solar- a year later

Our rooftop solar system has been operating for a full year now- time to look at the results. Other than snow covering panels, it’s been pretty maintenance free and generated many referrals for the installers from various people asking questions and wanting to learn more about it.

Solar one year later

Solar one year later.

In a year the system has been operating, we produced about 4300kWh, and consumed about 4600kwH, for an over 93% coverage of our needs. Looking over the months, we mainly produce surplus during our short summer here between April and August and start consuming it in September. That part itself is rather depressing, but that’s the price of living here!

Annual numbers

Annual numbers

Cost-wise,  our electricity cost for the year ended up around $340. We paid for electricity in January and February, but once the snow came off the panels, all that remained on the electrical part of the bill was a $21.82 customer connection fee.


This illustrates once again the importance of picking the correct netmetering anniversary date. Counting December to December I’d be left with mostly red. But start the count in April, and you end up with hopefully enough surplus energy banked away to get till the next April and not have to pay for it or have a larger surplus that you’d get paid for at 1/3 of a normal rate.

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