Fading display repair on Fluke 8840A

Today’s repair subject is a Fluke 8840A bench DMM that has some display troubles. It would work normally for a bit and then start fading out. A bit later it would come back and work again. The initial thought was that the display simply had too many run hours and is worn out. In that case a replacement is required and is not a very cheap solution. Continue reading

Viewsonic VA1930WM repair

Yet another dead monitor made its way into the Kuzyatech lab. A 2007 vintage Viewsonic VA1930WM monitor that stopped turning on.The symptoms were classic- power on light cycles on and off, but the screen stays dark,while a faint repeating squeal can be heard from the unit. Sounds very much like that Samsung  LN32A330 I fixed recently. Time to take it apart!  Continue reading

Samsung saga continues

Samsung streak continues. This time I am a proud new owner of a dead 23″ Samsung 2333SW LCD monitor from September of 2009. Dead is a bit of an overstatement, but that’s what the previous owner told me. Since the alternative was for it to go into a dumpster, I figured worst case I get a 23″ LVDS panel to play with.  On to the symptoms: backlight seems to operate and the “connect you video source” banner is bouncing around the screen. When I do connect it, I see a brief attempt to display an image and then it’s back to gray. Time to take it apart.   Continue reading

Samsung LCD TV repair

You’d think after almost a decade of blown caps on motherboards, that the OEMs would finally take care of that? Yeah, sure. I got my hands on a Samsung LN32A330 TV, made in June 2008. Pretty much a brand new thing as far as TVs go. Main complaint- it stopped turning on. So I plug it into my trusty Kill-A-Watt meter and try to power up. I see that it’s trying to draw some current, but then shuts down. Continue reading