Fading display repair on Fluke 8840A

Today’s repair subject is a Fluke 8840A bench DMM that has some display troubles. It would work normally for a bit and then start fading out. A bit later it would come back and work again. The initial thought was that the display simply had too many run hours and is worn out. In that case a replacement is required and is not a very cheap solution. Continue reading

Hello world!

Welcome to my blog of all things electronic. Let’s start with a family picture of my DMMs.

 Left to right: ALDA M-838 DMM circa 1994; Wavetek Meterman 35XP- a handy DMM with a very annoying beep; Fluke 8842A- a high end instrument made in 1994 and still looking brand new inside (I’ll have to do a separate post on that), and finally my shiny new Agilent U1252A. You can never have too many of them- by the time you look at input current and voltage and then on the output currents and voltage, four DMMs seems like a bare minimum.