Samsung LCD TV repair

You’d think after almost a decade of blown caps on motherboards, that the OEMs would finally take care of that? Yeah, sure. I got my hands on a Samsung LN32A330 TV, made in June 2008. Pretty much a brand new thing as far as TVs go. Main complaint- it stopped turning on. So I plug it into my trusty Kill-A-Watt meter and try to power up. I see that it’s trying to draw some current, but then shuts down. Sounds like a power issue to me -time to take it apart. Lots of screws later, we have it open:

There is not much there- a power supply and a tuner/image processing boards. So naturally we take a look at the power supply. And what do we see there? Bulging caps

A few minutes with a soldering iron and a cap from my junk bin that was an actual brand name low ESR variety and we are back in business. The exploded cap was a no-name cheapie, rated to 85C and stuck right near a heatsink. Go figure

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