Aand we are back up

Apologies for site being down. Some pesky malware managed to find its way in and overwrite a bunch of system files. Things should be back to normal, but if anything is misbehaving, leave me a comment

4 thoughts on “Aand we are back up

  1. Hey,

    Just followed a link to your page after searching for “Sharp Memory LCD Breakout A2”, and got a malware page saying my computer was broken. I can’t seem to reproduce it, however…

    – Jw

    • Thanks for letting me know. It appears this is now now an ongoing battle: I clean things out, it comes back in a week. Time for a full reinstall..

  2. Should be all set now- found multiple things doing some funky site changing stuff on the fly, depending on where you came from and how many times. These people /bots are getting pretty creative.

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