Keithley 197 Microvolt DMM in pictures

Today’s quick visual teardown  is of an 1984 vintage Keithley 197 microvolt DMM, Despite considerable age, it’s still quite alive and kicking and very useful for measuring low currents and voltages.

3 thoughts on “Keithley 197 Microvolt DMM in pictures

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  2. Curious if you repaired this unit at any point. I have one of these that’s behaving badly (something is pulling down (up) the -6.4V rail), and I notice that your U101 is a TLC27L2CP in a socket, where mine is some obscure TI part listed as “Integrated Circuit” even though it’s obviously a dual op-amp.

    What makes me wonder is the fact that U101 is in a socket, where none of the IC’s except the processor and eprom are socketed one mine.


    • No, it’s been working quite well ever since it arrived so I did not need to do anything there. Though I’ve been mulling over an idea of adding a backlight

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